Thoughts on my 30x30 experience.
Where to begin? This was a valuable exercise and I want to do it again, especially before changing seasons. It really helped to see what I wore, wanted to wear, what direction I wanted to go. As said before, it is helping me get rid of items that I realize that I don't want to wear any more.
1) I found out that I want to look current. Just classic pieces seem boring. I liked my released hem and wide leg pants and jeans better than a more classic pair right now.
2). I found that I am done with low rise jeans but not skinny jeans.
3). I wore color and pattern and needed both. What I missed most was a variety of color and pattern.
4). I don't mind repeating items or outfits that have a high happiness factor. My EF pieces and comfortable shoes, my black and white bag...all pleased me. Even when I removed footwear and accessories from my 30, I still kept using the same ones.
5). Continuing that last thought, I learned that I could live with a much smaller wardrobe than I thought, if it has only pieces that have high happiness factors and variety.
6). That said, frocks...summer dresses and skirts were missed the most. My 30x30 included only one skirt and one dress.
7). Fussy feet need a deep footwear wardrobe. I learned that easy off and on footwear works best for me.
8). I definitely plan to repeat this exercise, maybe even in September. Capsule building is an art and takes practice.
9) This was especially challenging as the weather turned warmer and i'd not planned well enough.
10). Light colored pieces and white got less wear because of laundry back ups.
11). I am not a traditional tee shirt wearer and should only own a very few.
12). I need to get over saving expensive items for only special events. Perhaps special occasion clothing should be exempt from my 30x30 until I am more practiced at this exercise.
My final set of item photos will come later. I am keeping to my capsule for 2 more days. Thanks to all who read my posts, looked at the outfits, and encouraged and made suggestions.