Hi everyone,
Day 5 of no jeans, and I've made it a full work-week! My agenda today consists of cleaning and vaccuuming, trying to work while the kids have a PA day that I forgot about (mother of the year here!), and trying to hit the gym later. Oh yes, and it's currently -18C outside, and that's not including the wind. So today's outfit didn't even warrant a selfie - my warmest chunky sweater and loungiest leggings will suffice! (although going out with DH later, so I'll wear something nicer for that).

This was a worthwhile challenge for me - here are some practical things I've learned, some directly and some indirectly related to the:

  • I can revise my essential skinny jeans to skinnies in general - by maintaining my tried and true silhouette, it was actually pretty easy to swap in something non-denim. In particular, the olive moto skinnies will be put to good use.
  • That said, I do love my dark-wash skinnies, and they are easy, practical and polished for my lifestyle, so they will remain central to my wardrobe.
  • I had plenty of clothes to choose from, but my essentials need some attention, so that will be my shopping focus this year. Next step on this is a good closet edit a la Angie's method.
  • I will re-focus on ink blue/dark navy for my essentials - several times this week, I was regretting the dearth of ink and over-abundance of gray in my closet. Sort of a side-learning - I love gray with white, but not as much with black. Angie pointed out navy/ink is much nicer on me, which I agree with and my husband echoed unprompted about an hour later .. sold (again!).
  • Some variety in winter gear would not be a bad thing - I was stuck with my one pair of boots all week, which got boring! My current pair is in good shape, so I may keep an eye out for another pair as the season comes to an end, or I may just put this on the fall/winter list. A slightly dressier but still proper winter pair might be a smart addition. Same idea for my winter puffer.
Happy Friday everyone!