Thanks again to everyone who commented with their thoughts on my spring capsule in progress post! I made my final decisions and purchased several items, which I'll attach to this post.

1. Tunic T-shirt in solid black
2. Tomato red tunic
3. White tunic
4. Black and white saddle shoes
5. "Mew Yorker" graphic tee
6. Tunic T-shirt with stripes
7. Skeleton tank top
8. Olive jeggings

Still on my shopping list, but will purchase later:
* White jeans (waiting for Torrid to get them)
* Light blue jeans (undecided on which silhouette)
* Black cropped pants (hoping Old Navy has the ones I saw last year again)
* White Converse (I have a black and white pair still hangin' in there, so I figured a new pair could wait a bit)
* Another purse (might get the one on Modcloth I liked, but decided to put it off)
* One or two more pairs of shoes (I'll be looking for good deals)

Several of you expressed concern that my shopping list didn't have many toppers, and as you'll notice, I didn't end up buying ANY. I realized I had more than I thought, and I really, truly don't need many toppers for warm weather because I just DON'T wear them once it gets in the 70's or higher because I run warm. I have some light jackets I can wear while it's still cool, and those will do for now.

I ended up going with a lot of black and white because although I do want to add more color, I don't feel unhappy in neutrals and boy are they practical. I did get the tomato red tunic because I smile every time I see it. I decided against the blue moto jacket, at least for now, because my ever logical husband's reaction to it was pretty much "ANOTHER jacket?!" We DO live in the South... I also decided against the floral pants because, realistically, I know I'll only wear them in the spring. I might be able to get them on sale later, but I'm not paying $70 for something I can't wear year-round.

And other than that, we'll see what happens. I feel really good about the purchases I've already made because just about EVERYTHING will work together, as well as with things I already have. I'm already visualizing outfits with old and new items. And I managed to stick to my budget for the month!