Hi All,

Well, my nicely developed work capsule is really not needed now. Oh the irony.

I shopped early this year to fill gaps - not really predicting what lay ahead. But I am within my budget. I am posting to share but understand if people don't want to see new additions right now.

These gorgeous shoes are Beau Coops - a NZ designer. I love them but have only worn them once. But I think they are classic so I see them coming into use over many years.

I also added three essential type pieces from Ezibuy. This is a NZ/Australian mass market retailer, mostly online. They started off with catalogues and I remember pouring over the catalogues back in the day. They try and appeal to all and I haven't really purchased from them for a long time. But they tend to have a nice colour range and good merino pieces.

So I added the pink sweater, the striped tee (mine is long sleeve) and the wine coloured cardigan. They are all proving useful in lockdown. The cardigan is a good work from home piece. I don't see it being worn a lot outside this situation but right now it is very useful as our evenings are cool but our days are warm. The sweater is a good colour on me. And I always want a striped tee with black and cream stripes....definitely an essential for me.

I also decided to keep the wrap jacket. At the moment it will be worn to walk around the block. Or maybe to put out the rubbish.....I am yet to do an outfit lab - it has been so busy preparing our business for this crisis.

Whilst I was feeling like adding 12 pieces in three months was excessive there are some advantages. Coming out of this I don't know what I will be needing, able to afford or want to buy.

Here are my 2020 additions.


Clothing and fashion right now is low on the priorities. But the forum is fairly high on the priorities as sharing our experiences and online support is important. Knowing we are all hurting, doing our part and the community is helpful.

I cannot shop now at all as we are in lockdown. I could shop internationally but won't be doing that. NZ retailers are very closed except for shopping for essential services.