Since we are all so different, with different occupations, lifestyles, stations in life, climate, etc I thought it might be fun to see what varied 'musts' there are among us.
I have a cobbled list of what I really think I need to round out my closet vs mere wants. Some things can overlap (like my interview suit may well be part of my funeral look). And 2 or 3 dresses categories could be covered by just the right one dress. Oh, and I noticed I did not put any scarves, bags, or jewelry on my list. They truly are just extras and not 'necessary' in my life. Half the time I carry just a wallet or put things in my pockets!

winter or sweater dress
evening dress
sexy 'clubbing' dress
day to night dress
sun dress
day dress
wedding/brunch dress

work jeans (uniform for job)
play jeans
dressier skinnies

suit (for interview/dressy capsule)
pumps for same
funeral outfit

winter overcoat
casual cotton jacket
leather jacket

over sized/chunky pullover
fine gauge pullover

dressy tank
button front
drapey tee

dressy skirt
casual midi
casual maxi skirt


lounge wear
exercise gear

You? I'd love to see where we all overlap and where we diverge.