I was fascinated when Angie wrote about her "wild cards" that a lot of fabbers see these items as mistakes in the making. I don't see wild cards the same way. To me a "wild card" is something on the "edge" of my style or a shadow style. It has to have resonance, something I relate to or a natural evolution of my preferences, but it is somehow new or slightly outside my usual choices. For examples, I rode english hunters as a girl and teen. My ne plus ultra of elegance in fashion is equestrian show wear. Sharply tailored well fitting blazers, long over lean with jodphurs and paddock boots or breeches and knee high boots. In the 90"s AT came out with a collection of long blazers and faux jodphurs. Heavy ottoman ribbed leggings with cuff, self knee pads, belt loops. On a complete impulse I bought a black and bone pair. At the time of purchase, I told myself it was ok if I never wore them. But that didn't happen. They not only became a mainstay of my wardrobe, but I still wear legging today - the closer to jods the better. I wore them with paddock boots, knee boots, later OTK boots Ok, I got some comments "do you ride," which I still did at the time. It did not feel costume like to me because it was an integral part of my sports style. When I saw z cavaricci jeans - there was something breeches like about them and I adored wearing them too. A couple of years ago when Cocolion and Greyscale bought the R13 waxed black crossover jeans, I could not stop thinking about them. Finally I found a pair on ebay at 1/2 price. Again a cross of jodphur/breeches. I knew they would be perfect and....they are. That's one example of a wild card for me, there are others, but again, when I really thought about it they are more an edge, shadow style than a wild something out of the blue. Frock coat like long jackets, lady a line blazer/coats, cowboy boots and western embellished belts - all were edge shadow but are now part of my essentials. But they all began on the edge. Over to you...what does "wild card" mean to you? and do you wild cards usually work out?

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