I'm going to a wedding in May where the attire is listed as "semi formal." I was thinking that meant cocktail attire, and that short dresses would be ok, but now I've learned some of my fellow guests plan to wear long gowns!

The reception is at a vineyard and starts at 5pm... I'm probably ok with a short dress but a highly polished look, yeah???

I am a bit "shopped out" after replacing so much of my wardrobe in the last few months, and think I need to have a targeted search to keep this simple.

(This will be the first of four weddings this season... but no time to think of the other events just yet...)

ETA: So I've split the difference between short and long and am thinking I'll wear this Vince Camuto midi dress! It fits well and feels spring-appropriate but can work for the evening reception. I'm thinking pink shoes and one of those trendy straw clutches?

And I got the Eliza J dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner, though I may have the back modified to have a simple hook and eye closure since the second bow on the back feels too fussy to me. Barring any other lucky finds, I think I'm squared for Wedding Weekend #1 of 4 this season!