I had a catchup visit and glass of wine with 3 other women last night and of course I'm eyeing up everyone's outfit and accessories. I posted about feeling a little weird in my outfit (wide leg jeans and a voluminous linen top) and wonder if it's because the other women were all in slim/skinny jeans and a loose-fitting ,hip length summer top of some sort. The topic of fashion didn't come up once. (we mostly talked about vaccinations and masks etc - ugh)

My friends aren't much into fashion - 1 of the other 3 last night is the only friend who is into clothes in any real way . When a large group of old school/neighborhood friends gets together every once in awhile, there is no one, and I mean NO ONE , wearing anything other than skinny jeans or ponte pants . I honestly almost never see anyone outside of retail who dresses in current looks: looser fit jeans, boxier tops, bags/jewellery chosen to work with the outfit etc and of-the-moment footwear (yes I know that sounds obnoxious) . The only place I see interesting clothing is at the nail salon, which seems to attract a well-heeled clientele. I sit meekly in the back checking everyone else out.

My friends who have office jobs in office towers are wearing basic dress pants, silk /poly shells and blazers or cardigans. Nothing terribly interesting.

For context , I live in a pretty big city, albeit in the middle of the country. I have friends from all walks of life and of all ages and with all levels of disposable income.

Where is all the fashion?? What do your friends wear? Do you talk fashion and style when you get together?