I entertain frequently. I used to throw large parties which everyone loved bu that left me utterly exhausted. We now entertain on a much smaller level, mainly dinners at home with 2-4 guests at a time. Everyone loves to come to these dinners, too. I make a lot of effort so that when people come in the house looks nice, the music is on, the food is good, and the wine is plentiful. And my husband and I also look nice for our company. Because..company!

I'm always running late right before everyone arrives, so not a lot of time goes into my outfit. I wish I'd snapped a photo of what I had on last weekend, simple but pretty - just ponte split hem black pants from Rack, an asymmetrical sleeveless tunic and a pair of slingback heels (Ok, I just had to go collect them. Paul Green, gold...so so pretty and comfy!) No jewelry. Shower and make up.

Both of my female guests were literally and vocally upset that I was "so dressed up". One came in jeans and sneakers, which is her signature style. My other friend has rather given up on her appearance over the years. She looked fine, just a regular outfit that she would wear to work. There was no dress code for the evening. If I had gone to dinner at one of their houses on Saturday night, I would have probably worn the exact same outfit I picked. And they've been here many times before, so my style is not a surprise to them!

They made me feel a little bad. Like, guilty. And I feel really bad that these women are feeling too insecure to either own and rock what they've chosen to wear, or how they've chosen to look. I have recommended YLF to both of them over time, and know they could both really benefit from our healthy community.

BTW my jeans-wearing friend is the one who is benefiting from my fit problems. She's just *that* much smaller than I am, so she got those Wit and Wisdom chinos recently! And she's inherited lots of other nice YLF-inspired hand me downs, which she appreciates because she hates to shop.

Would it be advisable to tell people what I'll be wearing when I invite them over? It's not exactly black-tie!