Mostly, slippers. I haven't been at home much because I work in a grocery store and the world has gone mad hoarding bananas, toilet paper potatoes, bread, milk, and eggs; we haven't gotten much of a break lately; we are starting to be stretched thin. I come home and change into lounge wear that doubles as sleep wear.

They were mostly... drifters' feet, Ginger...

We do not wear outdoor shoes inside unless they are delegated for that purpose. Mine must be very comfortable and give coverage and be easy to slip on and off. The silver slippers have beef great but need to be replaced. All year round I wear Smart Wool socks, usually no show types. They wear like iron. I also have some loafers and slip on sneakers for house wear.

EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for sharing!

I'm a barefoot girl. If I get cold I reluctantly put on socks.

Ugly, yes but oh so practical! It's 90+ degrees where I live, and my floors are tile. Actually, I have several pairs of Crocs but they never leave the house. Including a pair of rhinestone studded slides. Great for foot ventilation and nice padding on the tile flooring.

My Reef sandals are always on my feet. They're sparkly and comfy and always make me feel like I'm on vacation.

Bonds Explorer socks all winter, bare feet all summer. Tend to go from one to the other in a day.

Flip-flops 4 evah!! I have half a dozen pair and wear them in the house year-round. I don't like being barefoot but my toes need to breathe!!

I have the exact flip flops MsMary highlighted above, plus birks. Just added socks under the Birks today. Yesterday was hiking the hills in 90 degree weather, today I'm watching snow get blown around the same hill....

This is a tough one for me, to be honest. I actually go in and out a lot because we have a nice yard (aka garden). So I need dedicated pairs for in and out that are quick to swap. I've been wearing a pair of felt Birkenstock clogs for indoors, and a suede sandal pair for outdoors. I would love to wear my sneaks but they don't swap quickly and I feel downright ODD wearing outdoor shoes around the house, even if they've never been worn outside. My brain just feels always like I'm doing something wrong. I've tried cleaning the soles of one pair of sandal style Birks but that didn't last long because I wanted to wear them out of the house to an appointment. And I'd rather not constantly be cleaning the soles of my shoes! So, I suppose, I should get a dedicated pair of inside Birks that are sandals. I already have SO many pair, though...

I have some foot issues, meaning I’m another one who needs to wear supportive footwear in the house. I have a dedicated pair of house shoes similar to these and in the same brand.

I would like to have inside shoes/slippers and outside shoes, but I don’t understand the logistics. Our house has three doors and we use them all. Usually I’m entering the house with my hands full. The layout of the house doesn’t provide space to put everything down before entering. I can’t imagine setting down bags of groceries outside the door (on the ground?), taking off outdoor shoes, putting on indoor shoes, picking up everything including outdoor shoes- and then the whole process in reverse every time I leave! Even when I’ve tried
To be diligent about the process,
my indoor shoes always end up in the wrong place when I go out one way and come in another. It sounds silly, but I sincerely would like insight on the actual logistics!

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