I can not go barefoot because of my foot problems. I wear Birks or supportive flip flops. I keep a pair of Birks as house Birks but of course, they do go outside. If you have a dog what do you do? Wash their paws each time they come in?

I wear LL Bean Scuff slippers. The YLF Collect won't let me collect them for some reason. I get a new pair of slippers every fall/winter because I wear them year round. I don't like to step on surprises in bare feet (legos, dog barf, broken glass...) My favorites were fitflop slippers, but they didn't have the style I liked this year.

've been using the last couple of at home days to work on breaking in my newly sized up yellow Docs. (last retail outing before things started to shut down in a big way).

When not in this mode, it might be socks or sandals - Tiva or Aetrex. I have a couple of pairs of Birks that will see more wear come warmer weather. My podiatrist doesn't like them because your toes have to grip to keep them on... Sigh.


We'll you know the answer! These are both great, and I'm so thankful for the Campers recommendation. If I were to wear any real shoe indoors, it would be my Cole Haans. They were recommended by a friend and are extremely light and comfortable.

Haflinger slippers -- not the ones that have outdoor soles -- or fuzzy socks.

Thanks, ladies! All your suggestions are helpful.

I also wear the LL Bean scuff slippers. Mine have puffins on them.

We don't wear shoes in the house so it's slippers (LL Bean), but with orthotics inside because of plantar fascitis. Even under normal circumstances, I wear slippers a lot of the time, and it makes so much difference having the orthotics.

Allbirds tree runners and OluKai sandals. Both are very kind to my feet.

No outdoor shoes in the house but we’ve always been a shoe or sandal home with our wooden floors. Mr. G’s arches require support so he has always worn indoor shoes with his custom orthotics.

Until I hit my sixth decade, my feet were totally unfussy so I could go barefoot or just wear socks or slippers while indoors. In the last few years, my feet and back started giving me signals it was time to change, so I adopted Mr. G’s house shoes idea. I now buy shoes specifically to wear indoors. Right now I ‘m alternating between a wearing a Birk Arizona and a SAS Free Time. I also wear my Glerups with inserts if I’m doing more sitting than standing in the evening. My Munro loafers and Dansko mules also were pushed into service as house shoes once I realized they were not being worn very often.

I think house shoes take on more importance once you pass a certain stage in life.

I don’t wear shoes in the house , so I’m barefoot in the summer or socks. I don’t know what these are called .. I call them fuzzy socks , they sure keep my feet warm

We're a shoe-free household and since COVID the shoes we are wearing outside are banned to the outdoor hallways of our condo building. Trying to limit the number of shoes that collect there, as we're not even supposed to leave shoes or anything in our hallways usually according to HOA rules. So it's just a pair of sneakers for him and for me (Allbirds for me). They have relaxed the HOA rules but we still don't want to get ridiculous with a pile of shoes out there, since we have cleaners coming in more frequently to disinfect the common areas.

At home we are wearing socks, as we normally do. DH wears thick colorful knee high LL Bean fleece socks as he's always freezing. I wear New Balance running socks in various weights depending on the weather. Right now it's snowing so they are thicker socks, but still only ankle height.

Occasionally in the past I've borrowed DH's fleece knee highs, but only if I'm sick and have fever and chills! I run much hotter than that. He sleeps in his socks regularly. I normally kick mine off early on before falling asleep, even in winter!

I wear Birks, although I tried some duplicate Ecco sneakers today while working and they were comfy.

I wear my indoor Fitflops. They have a bit more support than slippers. I typically wear a little sock, too, at least when it is chilly out. In warmer weather, I will wear my Fitflop sandals. At least if I can find a pair that have adjustments like the ones below. I usually get an "indoor" pair and also keep an "outdoor" pair for ultracasual wear -- last year's "indoor" becomes this year's "outdoor."

About a year and a half ago, I started having a dedicated pair of house-only sneakers. These Skechers with memory foam, sized up half a size and stretched with a shoe tree to accommodate my extra-wide feet, have been a game-changer. I'm getting the cushioning and support I need while saving my home and floors from the outdoors.

I’ve been wearing my slippers (an inexpensive pair I picked up at BJ’s), but I’ve been thinking about switching to my house sneakers - the ones I wear for at home workouts every day - as they have better support.

Socks and birks in the winter.
Birks without socks in the summer. Which will be soon I think.

I need two layers on my feet in cold weather, so it’s thick woolly socks and a pair of Mukluks from Kohl’s. In warm weather, I’m barefoot!

Edit: I must confess that the green socks I’m wearing have worn through at the heels. That’s the other reason I try not to wear only socks on my feet around the house; it’s literally hard on the socks.

I usually just wear socks, and occasionally some moccasin-type slippers that have fleece inside.

Another vote for Haflingers; they are very supportive for around the house. They work for about 3/4 of the year, but I tend to switch to a indoor pair of flip flops in the summer.

Everyone's footwear is so stylish! It's getting quite warm here again (around 25 degrees today with 70% humidity), so I'm just in indoor-only flip flops. They were khaki Birkenstocks before, but those got upgraded to beachwear because of the easily wipeable EVA material. I'm thinking of buying another pair for indoor use since the arch support is useful when I'm on my feet doing chores.

Despite my boring footwear I have my toenails painted a bright coral red, if that counts

I go barefoot all summer with carpet upstairs and wooden floors downstairs, in winter with under-floor heating. I do wear slippers and recently started again as it is autumn. But for about 6 years I wore my 12-year-old son’s grown out of slippers! Until he was about 20! He is now 23 so it must be about 3 years ago I saw these ones on sale for $10 in a Bed, Bath and Beyond store. Cosy, can wear outside to empty rubbish, and a pretty colour with a bow at the back

i'm going to come back and re-read this....i just to just wear thick socks, but a couple of years ago i started wearing these llbean slippers. and i love them, but....i've been wearing them now everyday for a week, and i'm ready for a change --says the shoe lover who really wears the same shoe 2 days in a row.....

For six months it's nothing but skin and the other half it's either socks or slip on loafers.

Cee! Are those hobbit feet?! (They need more hair!)

Socks - and not even cute socks! Men’s short sport socks I buy in bulk at Costco. I will put on my Ugg shearling slippers when it’s cold, or wool socks, but most of the time, it’s the bulk socks. I hate being barefoot. The socks protect my feet and my pedicure. Even in summer, I take off my sandals and put on the socks when I get home.

Even though they are always a bit loose on my low-volume feet, I love the arch support and footbed. My feet are very happy.
I bought these in gold and silver last month when I was in Germany.

Birkenstock’s Arizona in summer and ugg boots in winter instead of slippers. I often use being home a chance to break in new shoes, these Docs are my current work in progress.