I occasionally visit an online ‘exclusive sales’ website. I don’t know if there’s a term for it in English or if there are equivalent channels in your countries, but I’m talking about the type of webshop that offers limited time stock sales. I’ve been off this one for years as the delivery and return cycle is a bit more cumbersome (and slow) than with regular webshops. Also: huge enabler because of the short decision window. But I’ve returned recently because I have in the past found some amazing things through there, especially high quality purses, and I’m on the lookout for a purse again.

Now, apart from a possible new purse, I also fell in love with a pair of sandals by the brand Repetto. It’s a French brand that’s supposed to be very comfortable and high quality. I’ve never personally tried them on as at regular price they are way outside my price range. Even with this stock sale, the price is still steep. And I don’t have that much occasion for wearing fancier style sandals (airconditioned office). But I haven’t found anything I’ve liked as much as these in months, or even years... and the color would be versatile with my summer wardrobe... and I’ve decided to pay more attention to ‘special’ (if not particularly statement) footwear... these tick all of those boxes!

What do you think? Anyone familiar with the brand? Am I talking myself into an expensive folly or do you think these would be as versatile as I think they would be? Thoughts on the bag? Or generally on this type of shopping?

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