Recently I've gotten obsessed with the idea of light grey jeans. I don't wear white jeans, but light grey seems like a good substitute for spring and summer. What do you think of them for me? I don't own very much truly light grey, although I do have a lot of charcoal and some medium grey. One of my winter staples was (sadly, they broke this year) some charcoal grey jeggings, so I know darker grey pants work well for me. I'm not sure it's the most flattering color near my face but then again pants are not near my face.

Also, what colors would you pair them with? What colors of footwear? I don't own any light colored shoes except for taupe (close to beige, so very warm toned) boots, gold oxfords, and pearl sandals. The pearl will definitely work but they are summer only. I do have lots of darker grey footwear.

Any suggestions for other pairs of grey jeans are welcome too. Right now I can only find skinnies and slim BFs. What about bootcuts? That might be fun. Keep in mind I won't buy anything that contains polyester, and I don't want high rise.