...that you would wear it even after it was "out of style"?

I was reading somewhere that when you have a strong, gut reaction to something you should pay attention to it, even if it isn't practical, because it can be a huge key to discovering something about your style.

It was for that reason that I threw caution to the wind and ordered the Sam Edelman Ollie pumps in the cream/nude combo. These shoes are so beautiful to me! They certainly aren't an everyday shoe, but they are comfortable, and I had a very strong visceral reaction to them. In my quest to decide whether or not to keep them, I've been asking myself all the usual questions like:

Q. Will you get enough wear out of them to justify such a large chunk of your S/S budget? A. Well, maybe not, but perhaps the rest of my clothes can be quite basic if I have statement shoes like these to pull out of my hat! Plus if I don't wear them for everyday, they'll last a long time.

Q. Where will you wear them, and with what? A. Ummm, I can wear them with boyfriend jeans! Yes, to lunch or coffee or church or a meeting. (Of course my husband is really scratching his head on this one and is threatening not to let me leave the house in them, lol!)

Q. Okay, so you keep the shoes because you love them. You wear them occasionally. They'll last forever. Are you okay with (and will you still love them) if the whole ankle strap pump thing begins to look very dated in a year or two? Will you still feel the same love?

And that my friends, is the question. So I ask you, are there things you love (now) that aren't exactly cutting edge (like a twin set or something?) Or is an item or cut of jeans that you are so committed to that you will probably wear as your signature style long after the mode has changed?

P.S. I will try to post a picture of these styled in the next few days, but it's been so long since I've posted a picture I'll have to re-learn how to do it!