I have a few more thoughts, having been in the work from home groove for more than 15 years.

I probably work in the range of 45-50 hours per week, but spread out. I therefore end up changing clothes during the day, or adding and subtracting, to accommodate TRX, Pilates and yoga classes, dog runs and dog walks according to season. I do like to feel dressier when I am working, even though I don't wear shoes In the house. My shoes are probably all in the closet crying 'pick me, pick me,' because I love them and have lots but they don't get out much.

How I feel dressier: either dressier versions of casual items (e.g., just as people have said -- tees in silk, linen or poly) or casualized versions of more formal items (e.g. knit blazer and jackets).

I agree that it's very tough in your climate. I started my post university work life in Cairo, which is very hot and dusty for most of the year and required washing everything you wore just one time, and sometimes twice daily showers. I was into long silk and viscose skirts then.

Great suggestions Aida and UmmLila

A routine is great and I've always had one. I also have a dedicated home office complete with desk, chair and desktop and have never ever worked sitting on my couch! ( though I have sat at the dining table a few odd times).

I think my final solution would be:

1. Find nicer fabrics, cuts and designs in casuals. I already have way too many bottoms, I will do the closet inventory today and find out numbers. If you guys would like to be a part of the journey, I'll post the numbers here to be more accountable.

2. Not feel weird about changing my outfit more often in a day. Several of you suggest that. I actually already change 3 outfits a day. One - what I wear after a shower ( i wear this outfit from 9 to 6). Two - what I wear to exercise (this is only sportswear. I do not feel comfortable in regular clothes as I need sweat wicking fabrics if I want to give my 100% to the workout). Three - after the workout, I come home and shower again and change into my sleeping shorts and T-shirt. I cannot repeat nightwear, as I jump out of bed and make breakfast in this outfit. But this feels 'normal' as I've been doing this for the last 5 years.

Essentially, the cooking happens between 5pm to 6pm and I'm going to stop being such a baby and just wear an apron to cook. My problem could very well be that I over-care for stuff and tend to keep anything and everything for 'special occasions'. Well, they never come around, and I have far too many clothes and too few such occasions. My nicer clothes never wear out, my shoes never wear not ( apart from my sneakers. I go through 3 pairs in a year) and then I feel bad adding 'new' to my closet. How darn silly!!!

Again, thanks a ton. You all really helped.

I'm off to count my closer numbers now. Wish me luck!!!

All this talk of dressier clothes for casual life reminded me of this girl I meet everyday when walking my dog. She wears bodycon dresses that are too short in my opinion and floor sweeping maxi dresses and even extremely beautiful flared dresses I would only wear for parties/dancing when she's walking her dog. She stands out....and sometimes looks downright ridiculous chasing after her dog (who is never on a leash) with her maxi dress sloppily gathered up in her hands so it doesn't get tangled in her feet. Some days she does look absolutely lovely and she always looks confident in what she's wearing....like she doesn't care at all if what she's wearing is 100% inappropriate for a dog walk.

I don't think I can wear similar outfits for walking my dog, but I would definitely like to channel her self confidence. I am almost always dressed in workout clothes on these walks as I have a large breed dog who is on the leash and we like to brisk walk, not stroll. Plus, I can't put up with my upper thighs rubbing together and chaffing when I walk faster wearing skirts/dresses.