The weather is still in the forties and awful here in Boston, so wearing more springy colors is the only way here for me to introduce 'spring' to my wardrobe ( still winter fabrics tough). I find myself gravitating a lot towards this color combo, and I have plenty of pieces in it ( tops and coats and scarves in navy and lavender and cream, bottoms in navy, dark denim and cream). Sometimes i add shades of grey into the mix. For example, today I'm wearing navy wide-leg thin corduroy trousers, navy knit top under cream wrap sweater, dark lavender wool coat and cream scarf. Silvertone accessories( watch and thin necklace).

However, I'm totally at lost at shoes/bag colors to wear with. Right now I'm wearing black because I could not think of anything else, but I don't think it goes quite right with. Here're my current options other than black:
shoes - chocolate brown leather, dark tan( peanut) leather, mid-grey suede. navy suede wedges ( but with cork bottoms, not sure if they are wearable now) and dark lavender wedges that match the coat ( not sure if wearing them together is too matchy-matchy). Bags- less options here: brown, dark tan, light pinky-beige nude. Hmm, please feel free to also suggest colors that I do not currently own. Thanks a lot!