Brooklyn talked about owning wardrobe icons - pieces that you plan to always have in your closet. For this purpose I don't mean the striped tee that you upgrade every couple of years, but the pieces that you own (and wear - so not purely nostalgic) that you plan to keep on wearing forever...

Mine are a bit eclectic - and I considered pieces that I "think" I would still wear at 70, in twenty years.

- two pairs of shoes that are comfortable and classic but also a bit different. The tango heels may not work in twenty years time but I hope so (moral is I should wear them more now!).
- my Furla bag. I really like this and it reminds me of Angie and the forum.
- this green silk blouse is a bit hard to wear, but I suspect I will always keep it and wear it because it's so lovely and pretty and sentimental.

That's all I think. My coats aren't at that level yet, and whilst I love my dresses, I am not sure if I still will want them forever.

My main thing is jewelry that I have added myself or inherited. I don't have finds for these pieces but a few rings and necklaces. I do know that tastes change with jewelry too and I need to wear it now as well as hold on to it.

What wardobe icons do you have?