Speaking of 5-piece wardrobes and essentials... and considering that essentials are by definition not the most interesting part of an outfit... Well, I'm looking down and wondering... NOT that an essential has to be all the way UNinteresting...

I'm wearing my cream bell sleeve sweater, black faux leather trousers, stripe socks under, and black running shoes. I personally find each item interesting. Then again, I think things beyond the visual about them (i.e., over-intellectualize, hehe ).

I suppose it's the shoes that are the least attention grabbing... But I think I could achieve greater disinterest with, oh say, turquoise running shoes, because turquoise is more generic where I live (ok, well, in the greater region). Of course, turquoise would make a terrible glue for this outfit, which essentials are supposed to be...glue that is.

Ok, well, I guess what I want is for everyone to look down and tell me if they're wearing any item that's totally uninteresting.... Hehehe!

(Lol, make my eyes glaze over please )