I'm perpetually puzzled by how difficult it can be to predict my wardrobe workhorses.

It never fails. The item I think of as a throw off, a cheap thrill, or perhaps as an indulgence, turns into the item that I wear to death!

Last fall it was my $20 fast fashion fuchsia jacket. Who could have known that a bright knit jacket would become so darn useful?

Well...this season -- an unusually long and cold spring -- my workhorses are as follows:

1. (Pic 1) Theory trench. Previously loved by another YLF member, now adored by me.

2. (Pics 2 - 4) True Religion Camerons. I can wear them down, I can wear them cuffed, and I adore them. Big expense, totally worth it in my jeans-wearing life. (Waving to jeans twins, Angie, Denise, Rae).

3. Button downs. (Pics 2-3) Angie and Inge recommended J. Crew tux shirt (waving to shirt twins Inge and Tanya) and striped linen shirt. The first was also something of an indulgence but I am rapidly reducing the CPW. As for the second, it has become my best friend.

4. White Hi-ness Cons. (Pic 5) (Waving to shoes twins Angie, Mona, Ceit). Wow, these have been great in our uncertain weather. They do require a good wash now, but I love that they breathe, grip the pavement, can take the wet, provide a bit of a lift, and give some ankle support. I wear them with jeans and skirts!

5. Floral jacket. (Pic 4) Only a few weeks old, and already worn 7 times. Good purchase!

6. White jeans. (Pic 5) When it's cool but you want spring, what could be better than washable, easy denim in white? Our usual springs would make these impossible to wear, but this year, they've felt necessary!

7. Gap mesh sleeved sweaters. (Pics 4 & 5) (Waving to all my many twins on these!) These are not great quality and the do annoy me by stretching out, but at the same time, they are easy to wear and give a nice unstructured element of slouch. In an ordinary spring, these would have been far too warm to wear often.

8. Equipment silk shirt (Pic 6). Rae pick!! LOVE this silky shirt; it's fun, easy to wear, a bit dressy, a bit casual. And makes me think of Max. (Waving to shirt twins Rae and Mary K!)

It seems the main reason I'm surprised by these workhorses is that our typical spring weather would not have called for items like this as often. I'd already be sporting sleeveless and shorts and wouldn't need a raincoat on many days.

It does make it a bit tricky to plan; last year, our temperatures were sizzling!

The one constant I think I can point to is that Angie or YLF recommended items tend to get a lot of wear in my rotation!!

How about you? Have you had surprising workhorses? And if so, why?

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