OK, maybe it's a tad early to start thinking about next year (nah) but I find December a total wash as far as getting any kind of future planning done. So far I have three goals for my fashion-related activities in 2014:

  • Pick a budget and stick to it. I need to do this for fiscal reasons but also to try to curb my emotional spending a bit. This fall I indulged way too much in the "you lost weight, you need/deserve new clothes" rationale and I really need to keep a closer eye on what I'm spending. I am thinking I may track not just my clothes purchases, but all my discretionary spending - books, music, fabric and patterns...
  • Take pictures of all my clothes to put in the Stylebook app and start using it to log my outfits
  • Aim for a more rock & roll, edgier style - this one's not very specific at the moment, but that's the kind of stuff I find myself attracted to right now.

What about you? Any goals yet?