I am usually fortunate to find pants and jeans that fit well. Footwear is generally ok if I stick to lace ups, buckles, zippers, that stay on my feet. Heel slipping is sometimes a problem though in boots, and the little bunion on left foot can be problematic. But when it comes to jackets I just discovered I have real issues. Many of the jackets of all kinds in my closet do not really fit well,, sleeves too long -too wide in the middle, etc. too long or too short mostly are the problems. Jacket fitting is a problem because I am bigger busted and have linebacker shoulders. Yesterday I went shopping for an inexpensive lined lighter weight casual jacket I need for a trip. It was frustrating-what I would like to find is a field type jacket with lining. One of my most perfect casual jackets I have is a navy Caslon but it is unlined. I would like something a little warmer for this trip since jackets do not get too much wear in my climate other than my fleece and really casual stuff like hoodies. I do not want to spend too much on something that will spend most of its life in the closet.