Approprio began a thread about her fab vintage blue patterned pants, which inspired me to begin a thread about vintage, vintage, and more vintage. I happen to adore vintage clothes, bags, scarves, jewelry! I have some marvelous pieces, that I've bought throughout the years, at consignment shops in Paris and other places. One of my favorite hobbies is to shop at consignment shops~ Matter of fact, I am now composing my Christmas Eve outfit, mostly from vintage, which was sparked by my recently finds.
Black jersey coulottes (not vintage) but Calvin Klein I believe, a sparkly black tank top, and a fab vintage knit red sweater with black embroidery I just found yesterday! along with a fab fab black leather vintage purse I bought last week. So excited to wear it with my pearls, and or one of my grandmother's fab brooches, my new Kate spade bow gloves, and still haven't decided on shoes yet.
Does anyone else here love to consignment shop? Thrift shop hunt? What are some of your favorite finds? I'd love to know, and see pics! I'll try to post some pics when I figure out how to.