I've only bought a handful of things this past year and, luckily, I'm happy with all of them. Best by far, though, is a very recent purchase: tall, black boots with a small heel that I've been looking for for some time. I've been stalking this particular pair for a few months, and finally they went on sale at half price - can't believe my luck!

2015 was a stressful year for me at work...in an effort to simplify and focus, I mostly stuck to a very plain uniform of black trousers, solid or printed blouse and black jacket with heels or booties. Although I certainly wasn't winning any awards for being fashion forward, it did help me feel put together and polished every day. Although as a new manager, I was tearing my hair out on a regular basis, at least I knew I looked the part. So black Gap Perfect Trousers and black ponte NYDJs were my best buys in the work department.

My best purchases for life outside of work were three basics I picked up at the Gap - a blue denim jacket, a white denim jacket, and an olive utility jacket. I wore all of them on a regular basis, the blue denim usually with linen trousers, the olive jacket with blue jeans or black yoga pants. The white denim jacket was purchased purely because so many individuals here loved their white denim and I found one on a super sale for less than $30. I was very surprised by how versatile it was, and wore it over spaghetti-strap sundresses in summer as well as over turtlenecks and fitted sweaters in the fall.

Worst purchases: Cropped denim flares (I felt like a fashion victim when I put them on) culottes (ditto) and a long knit vest (regardless of how it looked, it made me feel frumptastic so into the donation bag it went.)

My best were my cognac boots (Steve Madden) and my burgundy boots (Bondo). I love both pairs and I've been wearing them a lot, every chance I get. Even though the Bondos have 3" heels, I find them very comfortable, and they give me a very saucy attitude.

My worst buys were those I got at Nordstrom Rack. Somehow everything I buy at that store seems great at the time, and then once I get it home i realize it just wasn't meant to be and it ends up getting returned. I need to really figure out what's going on in my head when I shop there so I can break the cycle of mistakes.

I like reading everyone's thoughts and doing this reflection to think about what works for me so hopefully I get a bit wiser about purchasing every year.

My best of list:
Eileen Fisher linen cardigan. This cardigan made 75% of my summer wardrobe work. It was the perfect finishing piece over sleeveless dresses or long sleeveless blouses, and worked with jeans as well as with business clothes. Lesson learned: Sometimes paying full price for EF is worth it!

Long Vest: I love this, simple as that. Perfect third piece for someone who can run warm and long enough it actually covers my rear, so it gives me more options for my ponte knit slacks etc. I love that it's woven and not knit so it has crispness and structure.

ModCloth tunic: I discovered ModCloth this year as a new resource for plus sized, fashionable clothing. This simple tunic has become workhorse for me - it unorphaned a skirt, it works with skirts and slim pants and it's a color I've been adding to my wardrobe after many years of being off burgundy. And it's LONG enough: I'm 5'6" with a long torso and it's so hard to find tunic topics as long as I prefer them.

My "learning opportunity"

This pink Eloquii skirt in a new silhouette. It fit like a dream but I quickly discovered might like a fit and flare skirt or I might like hot pink, but both of them together was just too much. It's gone to a new home.