I thought it would be fun for everyone to post outfit links, themes or photos of what is inspiring you for 2018.

Here is what I'm referencing for 2018:

I don't remember how I found this eBay seller, but when I look at her store, I can see this artistic fairy-tale mermaid-girl. I gather she is a Disney, or former Disney, animator. Looking at her store as a cohesive whole, inspires me to look at what I already have in my closet, and put a little more whimsy into some of my outfits.

I shared Kati L. Moore's website earlier this year, in one of Inge's link loves. She has this wardrobe system based both on your physical type (similar to Kibbe, perhaps?) and fantasy-fairytale preferences. Her website seems to have a lot of issues with non-working pages, but I love looking at her Pinterest boards. I bought her Nyx guide and really enjoyed it. I am planning to get her Mermaid guide at some point.

Posh and Polished:
I have been following Peony Lim's site for a couple of years. I love her interior decor posts, and I've tried some of her recipes and they're fabulous. I aspire to having a classic go-to hair and makeup look, like she does. I also love her wardrobe choices, although for me, they are very fantasy-life. Beautiful to look at, though.

I also love In The Frow, I think Victoria's hair and makeup looks are gorgeous. The shopping posts are a bit overdone, for me.

Fierce and Over-the-Top: I'm a big fan of German blogger Vanessa Pur. Some of her looks are too over-the-top sexy for me, but I love a lot of her pencil-skirt outfits.

Wolford Lookbooks:
Wolford is one of my favorite brands. I have a capsule of Wolford tops, bodysuits and hosiery. I found an online collection of Wolford Lookbooks from years past, but my favorite is the 2008-2009. I love the sleek, no-nonsense aesthetic.

Music Videos:
Tania Coleridge in George Michael's "Father Figure". I loved this video when it came out, and am still every bit as obsessed today with all of Tania Coleridge's amazing outfits, as I was in my late teens.

I also love that very minimalist look of the ladies in the Robert Palmer videos.

What's inspiring you for 2018?