Some warmer winter tops (I always need tops) & wide- leg trousers. I don't want black so it's not as easy as it sounds

Brooklyn - forest green would be fab

Susie - YES to navy skewing frumpy. I look at every navy shoe or boot I come across, but 90% of them are just not right. I have actually decided that navy shoes aren't the way to go anymore and I"m going with something else instead.

A lot of navy footwear ready as vintage/old lady/old school classic to me. A metallic detail, or suede or patent might help. I got some great navy suede wedge booties a while ago that are pretty cute.

Hunting for goodness knows how long:

*Slim, cropped black wool or cotton trousers (Theory is a contender)
*Mid-rise slim black jeans that don't fit like leggings--do they exist?
*Slim white cropped jeans
*Classic long formal gown
*Long fitted ballet neck shirts, like J. Crew but a thinner, softer and more breathable fabric
*New sneakers to replace worn down gold studded Taos. Options: white Taos, black Taos or purple (chunkier) Camper

*Fitted leather jacket that is snug in the waist but a bit looser in the waist. I tried on an IRO jacket yesterday, but again, too big in the waist and too small in the shoulder/upper arm.

Una, that pair is definitely not frumpy! They are quite fun.

Angie, wide is good for me and for an office shoe 'hard' might not be a deal breaker so I might try them.

I think it's so interesting how specific fabbers are with their desires...Angie has taught us well!

More the last few seasons-

Jeans - two pairs
Flat boots or ankle boots

Going to be expensive!

Right now my HEWI is a jacket to wear with an EF bone pencil skirt that I bought at the last NAS. The one always pictured with it does not fit me very well. Even the smallest size is huge on me. I would love to find low contrast spring tweed in shades of white and taupe and that is not cropped but long enough to cover my rear.
And I've been looking forever for the right pair of tomato red flats for summer.

As the neighborhood newbie, I would love to know what HEWI stands for and if there is a spot where widely used acronyms are listed here on YLF.

I am looking for:

dark denim bermudas
white denim bermudas
khaki shorts
spring/summer skirt
a new bra
silver sandals
and maybe even a new bathing suit. It has been ages since I purchased one, but I don't wear them very often...

I am always on the lookout for toppers as you all call them; it is the gaping hole in my wardrobe.

I think that's all for now.

HEWI stands for Highly Elusive Wardrobe Item.

Me too Brie- no idea about some of the acronyms but I want to be one of the cool kids and use them!

Just purchased- white boyfriend jeans, ankle blue jeans, 2 t-shirt bras. Still trying to take stock but definitely need new sandals and warm/hot weather clothes (the worst- but got lots of great ideas from the earlier threads- wovens, interesting tops, easy dresses). Always searching for black slim pants that are more casual than dressy.

Yay- Joy, thank you! Then my HEWI are the perfect black pants!

My HEWIs right now are all basics. My favorite tees are faded and I noticed a tiny hole in one. I just found HEWI tank tops (at Old Navy!) so that's off the list.

I'm also on the hunt for a lightweight black cotton buttoned shirt, and I think the upcoming Uniqlo Lemaire collection might have the perfect one, but who knows.

Aside from that, I'm strangely uninterested in shopping.

Oh, and the block heeled shoes thread reminded me that I've been drooling over a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes like that. But I doubt I'll buy them.

Thank you Joy!

Then my HEWI is a wintertime item (as I don't usually wear black outside of winter). Looking for a black v-neck sweater.

I am also considering navy shoes for the first time in over twenty years and also find a lot are just too classic for me. I fell in love with the Prada pair Angie shared and am now fervently hoping someone does a good knockoff. I'm debating whether this Naturalizer pair is close enough

It's a new shoe year in general for me. I need new black city/walking sandals and maybe a tan or luggage leather pair as well (candidates shown below). I'm also on the hunt for a walkable pair of polished grey shoes. I have a great RATE (Ragged Around the Edges) pair of grey peep toe booties but want something sleeker for slacks and dresses. I found these at Lands' End of all places and they should be here to try on next week.

re navy shoes…..yes in years past so many dull uninteresting shoes, but in the past 2 years, i've managed to find some more interesting (at least to me) pairs, so for the 1st time in years this is actually off my hunting for list…

what i am looking for
~small, but big enough for everyday needs, cross body bag…
~bomber jacket---suddenly I'm obsessed, but i don't want a true jacket, i'm looking for a blazer replacement (anyone remember the 90's silk bomber jacket trend)
~cognac shoes….looking for the perfect color..not to brown, not to orange

I'm looking for a bomber jacket as well.

One pair of full length, all season slacks in black.
One pair of full length, all season slacks in midnight (not hopeful).
One cropped linen cardigan in white.

High five on that tweed jacket, Una. I've been looking for one for years! With elbow patches that are in the right spot -- harder to do for petites. It has to have that 'university professor genteel poverty' look.

I just got a couple of very satisfactory tee shirts from Aritzia a few weeks ago, if you like scoop necks. The style is called the Tandis t-shirt, and the heather grey colours have a very nice fabric. I got the charcoal. They exist in the same cut but a different fabric -- thinner and a bit less stretchy -- in solid colours, so I got one in white. I'm always on a quest for non-see-through white tee shirts, and this one was pretty good. Interestingly, though, I liked the fit of the charcoal one in XS, whereas the white one looked better in a size S -- therefore my white one is longer and drapier. Actually, Aritzia has about seventeen thousand tee shirts on offer -- you should check out their website. I assume they ship to the U.S.

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Right now it's a pair of cute and comfortable animal print flats.

Re navy shoes, I just ordered these below to try - more for summer than spring...

I have picked up some spring refreshers and feel pretty good about my regular closet at the moment. What I really need more than anything is updated workout gear - I ordered some stuff from Eddie Bauer to try and all of it except one shirt went back. In particular, my HEWI is a pair of athletic pants, semi-fitted to loose fit, with pockets and a long enough inseam. 90% of everything is tight, ala yoga pants or leggings, and the other 10% isn't available in tall. I've got a pair from Lucy that are possibly 10+ years old now, and they're still chugging along but one pair isn't really enough unless I want to do laundry constantly.

Add maybe loafer mules...

Re: Navy shoes
I found these navy kitten heel sling backs on deep clearance at DSW. Are they too frumpy? They have 2 textures therefore can blend with different shades of navy. I know they are not of the moment but I hope that they will work with summer navy outfits.

Some time to edit my closet ;-).

Joy, I think those are quite chic.

Aziraphale, tell me more about Artizia. Never heard of that brand before. My HEWI is also tee shirts, but long sleeve. I'm okay-ish set on short sleeve right now. I'm not sure why long sleeves are harder to find; maybe I just don't try hard enough!

Otherwise my other hunts include pants. I loathe shopping for them, so pretty much all pants, in any shape and configuration (full length, ankle, cropped). Though admittedly and inexplicably I'm kind of craving some wide-legged culottes, but I don't know how much wear they'd get and if I could justify such an addition.

Hi Shiny -- Aritzia is a Canadian retailer that stocks a lot of trendy clothes, mostly in neutral colours. Target market 20-35 year olds, but a lot of it isn't inappropriate for women older than that. They don't do petites, but they do stock a lot of styles in XXS. I am often not the smallest size! And they do good jeans.

Here's a link:

I actually am not sure if I'm stalking anything now. And probably that's a good thing; I spent a lot at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
One of the few things on my wish list was a forest green structured bag. I love this one but it was out of my budget at full price. However I've found it for a good price via a reseller and am waiting for it to arrive. Other than that... Some clamdiggers and a pair of long shorts for summer are on my list, but I don't think there is anything else I need to add.

I am looking for a tweed jacket and a spring dress or two. I am
loving the lace up shoes and the color red this season!

Camper has some comfortable square toed blue suede heels. They looked amazing with jeans. Times like these my wallet thanks my body for its defects.