A few Falls ago, I instituted a "policy" ( to make it sound official....lol ) for my fall and winter wardrobe : a color palette and a "core " wardrobe ( kind of a skeleleton that everything else could be built on ).

This year, I'm doing the same for the Spring and Summer. Despite the Summer being our shortest season here in MA, it is my largest capsule. Though I only wear pieces once in the summer because they usually need to be laundered after one wearing in that heat and humidity.

I've figured out that about 30 pieces are enough for everyday wear. This doesn't include my exercise, swim or camping capsules. 

So this has left me with needing to tailor some of the pieces that were "ok" before but I need them to be more this time around. Like two wide leg linen pants that only work with heels or platforms. And those shoes are NOT in my capsule for warm weather .  I also determined that I really need a pair of black linen pants. Every single summer I say to myself " I wish I had a pair of black skinny linen pants. "   And then I do nothing about it. haha

Over to you....I'd love to know your plans !