Dear YLF,

Hope everyone is doing well .
This is our 4th week WFH and it seems that I have reached the limit of tank tops ,spaghetti straps and hoodies that I can take on conference calls.We are all living overwhelming and scary times but if there is something I can do is to keep my co-workers entertained with my fashion choices. Also I feel the need for some structure and to differentiate days from each other.
To this effect I have devised an outfit calendar for the work days. Having in consideration that people will only see me from the waist up(at best) I decided to diversify how the top half of me looks giving me the freedom to choose from different outfits and outfit combinations.
This is how my weekly outfit schedule looks like for now:

Flower power: It is no secret that I love a flower print, so I have flower tops, flower dresses and the like.
Tuesday-Something with a collar: Button down shirts, dresses, jumpsuits , sweater blazers, there is a lot to choose from.
Wednesday- Accessory Day: Scarves, earrings, watch, anything that can be a conversational opening.
Thursday- Cardigan and top:Pretty self explanatory but I can see the options of a twin-set, a cardigan over a dress or even cardigan over a jumpsuit. All of these will read as cardigan with top to the other side of the screen.
Friday- Sweater Day: Currently I have some sweaters that I really like and will go unused if I don't reach out for them before warmer weather comes.
I will update this as I feel like it or as the weather progresses.
For reference in Finds below are the flower shirt I wore yesterday and the shirt I am wearing today. Both were paired with the same pair of sage green skinny pants but feel very different to wear.
Thank you for looking. Please share your 'strategies for dressing' if you have any.