I did a thing this weekend that I swore I wouldn't do again, even in the aftertimes - went to a movie theater. I did not particularly miss going to movies, and since there is another way to consume exactly the same thing I figured that eliminating the habit of going to this one crowded spot would make sense going forward. However, we were visiting the boys in Boston this weekend, and our older son loves going to the movie theater and convinced us that they're still really empty and we should just go. They are (sadly, for the industry) still empty.

We saw "In The Heights" - it was truly wonderful! And it was definitely awesome to see the dancing and pool scenes on the big screen. I saw the first run Broadway production in 2008 when it won the Tony award. I remember not wanting to go to some "musical rap thing", but work colleagues had bought the tickets. I was totally blown away. And, for Lin-Manuel Miranda, the rest is history obviously! I have not seen "Hamilton", but am reminded that I must.