This was a good week! I got a huge promotion - actually not a surprise, but the accompanying raise was... nicer than expected. I am now the manager for my team and will have more people reporting to me - one more, with another to be hired. Three total after that.

I’ve also been vaccinated for more than two weeks, so it was time to go to the salon. I found out about a nearby stylist who sounded like the kind of person who could advise me and work with me. This is the result. She said she wouldn’t normally cut bangs at a first time visit, but I guess she decided I know myself enough (and wasn’t doing it because of a breakup or something!). I haven’t had bangs since about 1994! I am happy because this will be an end to me having hair that’s too long and that I always want to pull back; apparently that was kind of discouraging the natural wave in the front. Now I can show my hair texture off more, and it’s ironically more easy than when it’s long. She understood that 100%.

The color is red - it will be more apparent in the sun (there was none today). We need to clear out some old color for now, but it can go lighter or bolder later.

I also ordered myself a promotion gift. It wasn’t arrived yet though. Pink was my color of the year. I feel so grateful that 2021 is looking up - I know that’s not the case universally.

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