Hi all! I won't bother reviewing 2022. It was a year of healing for me. I probably shopped more than I ought to, for my current lifestyle. I bought a lot of replacement coats and new athletic wear. Anyway, I prefer to focus on the future right now.

Here is my current lifestyle:
  • Working at home 3x week, at office 2x week (if that, sometimes I skip because literally no one is tracking or cares). I dress up a bit to WFH (jeans or comfy pants and a top, maybe a dress in summer, no sweatpants). I like the feeling of changing at the end of the day, to work out or to relax. It demarcates the end of the work day for me.
  • We are back to going out 2-3x a week, mostly to casual stuff like movies, but sometimes the theater
  • We occasionally have somewhat dressy events as part of our Met Museum membership
In my new home, my wardrobe certainly fits, with a switch out between high winter and high summer items. It's more than I need with no longer going to the office 5x week, but there are pieces I can't bear to get rid of because I just like them a lot. Too much of it sparks joy, to borrow from Kondo.  Mind you, I HAVE gotten rid of a lot, and I have plans to send at least two boxes to ThreadUp, and plan to donate some other stuff.

I have had some subtle changes to my body, and have been buying new pants for those. I have slimmed down in my hips and legs due to lots of  Pilates, but not really lost weight because I did not feel ready to diet while grieving. My tummy tends to bloat a lot, and that area has not slimmed like my lower half. I tend to buy pants and think they're comfortable enough, and then find they're not comfortable when I bloat. I can't bear to wear anything uncomfortable to WFH. Because of this, ponte is my go-to fabric right now, especially thanks to Angie recommending Liverpool brand. (I plan to kick up my exercise and diet a notch to see if I can actually shed some weight, but I don't know how successful I will be.)

Aside from fulfilling that immediate comfy pants need, I am looking for a black blazer, and that's about it... I am set on essentials. I want to upgrade my pajama selection, but that can be done over time. Otherwise, I want to wear out or otherwise decide to pass on things I have. I do find I can pick away at my wardrobe bit by bit.

I am likely to continue to see things I want to buy in a kind of magpie way, though. This is always my struggle. I am good about doing one in, one out, but that doesn't decrease the size of my wardrobe... I still think gradual attrition is the way to go, though. I have a high tolerance for a large wardrobe with lots of options, but I think I need to scale back the going outside the house options somewhat.

Anyway, thanks for reading my musings. Any advice is always appreciated. Here is a work from office outfit of the day with some other ponte pants.

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