I know we live in strange times but this has never happened to me on this scale. I was in BR this afternoon and the store was almost empty of merchandise. There were a few women shopping. A salesperson was keeping up with everyone. If you were looking at an item she looked on line to see if they had your size or similar. Another lady shopping was showing me something and when the saleslady came over she asked her what was going. There trucks have been delayed and they are just trying to help. It was a little distracting but I saw things I might not have seen otherwise. In these time I guess you have to do what you have to do to survive.

This butterfly print is amazing. That midi dress would be mine if I could figure out where to wear it. I am thinking about buying the animal print and wearing it as a tunic. The jacket is very cute but none of this was in my size in the store. i really want a piece of that butterfly print.

What do you think?