...I wasn't really sure what to title this post

Having completed my studies, I have spent time over the last few weeks on my body. I have lost the weight that went on over the last 7 or so years, and am now 9st 4lb, from 10 st on a bad day. Through weight watchers. I thought I wanted to get to 8st 12b, but actually I'm happy with where I am now and I am going to give it another few days, and then call it a day. I am fit, and certainly walk 12,000 steps plus per day, usually unto 15,000, and clock up my 30 mins of speedy walking. My legs and ankles especially are looking so much better for the weight loss.

So, I took a step to see about my breasts yesterday and went to see a medical practice about enlargement. It has been in mind for years, but the money was an issue, and also I wanted to be slimmer before embarking on thinking about it.

DH is very happy to support me. He is slightly worried that people will think it is because he wants it. I did try to explain that being pretty stubborn myself, this would be quite a misguided thought on an observers part.

It was such a relief to speak with the nurse yesterday. I cried through sheer relief (and may be a bit of royal wedding emotion too!). I am thinking that I will have it in a few months. I will go from an A to a C. I have a test bra and chicken fillets, but seeing the actual implants yesterday and trying on a bra with them in, was odd at first, but that it feels within reach, feels very good.

I did wonder whether to share, because it seems so personal, but I so valued the recent personal honest sharings by Krish and Cindy, and the support offered, that I really thought it would help me to share and realise the change is within my grasp.

All comments and wisdom would be very much appreciated.