Joy, I would never ever guess you were on a "restricted" capsule by what you post. You have chosen pieces across such a variety of colours and silhouettes. Impressive. I guess I did go into this thinking of Jan/Feb as my ink/navy/black period, so I shouldn't start being envious of your capsule, but you do do this well.

Joy- I agree with Elizabeth. I am amazed at the variety of different outfits you have created with your capsule. You have a fabulous style.

Thank you, Mainelady, Katerina, Elizabeth and Lynn.
Your words give me such a boost. I ended up wearing the leather skirt, dark brown tights and tall boots, red-orange assemetrical EF merino sweater and scarf, brown leather coat was my topper. I forgot to check if I had worn the skirt/sweater combination already, but know I have not worn the sweater for awhile. After brunch I left the sweater on and changed from skirt to olive jeans for dog walking. I plan to wear all olive from the capsule tomorrow. Thank you for your ideas. I plan to continue using the 30x30 capsule through at least Tuesday, which will be 30 days.
The Ecco boots in Finds I have in both brown and black and wore the brown.

You look wonderful in your leather skirt; great that you can create very different outfits using it. I love your tall boots with the skirt, too, and that colorful bag definitely qualifies as "fun!" A funny aside--I bought an inexpensive faux leather skirt a couple years ago and discovered I couldn't slide around on the organ bench when wearing it. I'll need to enjoy leather skirts vicariously.

Thank you, Windchime. Could you sit on an inexpensive scarf?

Your Sunday outfit is beatiful, Joy. Colourful, sophisticated and modern chic. I so admire your style, you always make your outfits so put together.. It must have looked amazing with a brown leather topper. The clutch with the scarf is a brilliant combo.
You have several EF sweaters - they are great, the brand seems to do some really interesting and flattering knitted pieces. EF is new to me, I wonder if we have it here in Scandinavia.

Katerina, Eileen Fisher pieces look better on than on a hangar, an exception for me. Usually I can look at something on the hangar and see how it will look on me. I love the fabrics and colors but many of the brand's pieces overwhelm me. I also like the brand's ethics and that many pieces are made in the US. I look for what I want on clearance or at second hand stores or EBay. Size can be hard to judge but, in general, pieces run large. Cotton knit tees run more true to size, as do jeans, in my experience. Practically everything is washable.

Just catching up on this thread Joy. You are always fab. But day 23... wow! Like it. Want it. Pack it up and send it over ASAP.

Also just catching up. You do look fabulous, but it is the discussions on the thread that interest me the most.

Joy taught me to love and appreciate Eileen Fisher. She also instructed me to seek the brand second hand. I personally have little choice due to its expense. I have had luck on eBay. I have never found it thrifting.

Joy, your EF sweaters look amazing on you. I have often found EF to be too voluminous on me. Your posts have encouraged me to give her another try....especially her asymmetric sweaters!

Thank you, Brooklyn, Sterling and Mainelady.
Mainelady, the EF pieces I like the best are tanks and slim pants in her signature knit blend ( I especially wear these in transitional and hot weather), dresses, the assymetrical tops and some jackets, some of which I have had altered to fit. An XS or XXS fit me best, usually. The petites sometimes fit but I usually stick to regular sizing. Her pull-on black jewel-neck dress is a treasure of a LBD and repeated through the years. A friend practically lives in this dress and is on her 3rd or 4th one. Perfect for work in a law office and travel, it can be dressed up or down.

The red-orange sweater with both the maroon skirt and olive pants- just killer! Love the color combinations.

I have always loved the aesthetic of EF clothes, and her fabrics are fabulous. I never purchased her clothing in the past because I felt they were too expensive to wear while working. I worked with children (including sick children), and never wore clothing that it would upset me to ruin. For some reason I never thought about buying secondhand. Her fit is not the best for me but would work with some minor alterations. I will have to try on several sizes in the store to see what size fits the best. Might have to start stalking eBay. Thanks for giving me a new options!

Lynn, for a long time I felt that my EF things were too precious to wear. I finally realized that I should be wearing the heck out of them. So I am. Most of my recent things are from Dillards or The Rack sales, but I have used EBay and have several pieces from consignment or thrift stores. A few years ago I treated myself to a navy dress and matching cardi for a class reunion. The outfit has had lots of wear since. I hand wash and hang to dry, so not having to dry clean helps. If I paid more, I probably would go the dry cleaning route as we have a local $2 per item place.

Catching up on your thread — loving all these color combos! I especially like the sophisticated take on pink and gray from your evening with your grandson.

I’m also amazed by the versatility you wring from asymmetrical garments! I’m not drawn to asymmetry for myself and I guess I always assumed such items would be hard to mix and match. How wrong I was!

The merino EF assymetrical sweaters and tops are easy to tuck in for more versatility. I did that today with the olive one, tucking it into olive jeans, and it did not create lumps.