That scarf is so scrumptious, what a sophisticated palette for this outfit. I see above that you may not be wearing the scarf after all but I do hope it comes out to play soon!

Day 17 is another great combo! Making boot and scarf selections due to changing conditions can make it take a little longer to get dressed. Sometimes when I decide I need to alter my plan and reach for something sturdier or warmer, I discover a great pairing I haven’t used before. That is always a nice surprise. I hope you have a chance to wear that yummy scarf soon.
Yes, we are getting more snow today, so schools have been cancelled for today. At least this storm is producing light and fluffy snow.

Day 17 combo is fantastic! The colors are so beatiful together and the scarf is gorgeous.

Sarah, Mainlady, and Katerina, the scarf I have in finds is very special as DS1 bought it from the weaver in Cambodia who was on a river bank. DS was trying to steer the boat while the boat's owner baled water out of it. He had signed up for a river cruise. Some cruise. I am not sure what scarf I will end up wearing yet, but probably that one. It is a heavy silk.

Joy -- I am not certain editing should be one of your goals. Your wardrobe is obviously gorgeous. You dress stylishly for a myriad of different purposes. Your clothes fit you to a T. You are achieving your Challenge goals wonderfully. But since you mentioned you were "testing" the grey sweater on Day 16, what were you testing and what did you ultimately decide?

I agree with Katerina. You really do achieve a wonderful sense of balance and proportion.

So chic! I love that bold red on you.

Sterling, I was testing that grey sweater to see if it made me happy. Do I want to keep it? I liked the color, style and fit, but was it too warm, too scratchy? Why hadn't I been wearing it?
I decided that it did make me happy and warm. On a cold day it was not too warm or scratchy. Obviously my baby grand-daughter did not find it scratchy. I decided that it is a keeper for this time of year...the fashion equivalent of a pot of chili.
Thank you, torontogirl. It helps to know that red looks good.

I love all your outfits here, Joy! The EF bone skirt has been a brilliant purchase for you; you've created so many wonderful outfits around it over the years. It looks amazing with the asymmetrical sweater and scarf here.

Windchime, this challenge is forcing me to find new ways to wear this skirt other than just with whites.

Joy, I loved all 4 outfits, but my favorite one is the with the "pot of chili" sweater. You look amazing in light grey.

Day 18 was a repeat of the earlier outfit of blue jeans, plaid shirt, and red vest. This time I wore black wool socks and old LeCanadienne booties, oh, and red underwear. It worked well for the stock show and lots of walking. I am learning from this challenge that bright underwear sets make me happy.
DGS was more impressed with the heavy machinery than the animals, although the milking demonstration was memorable enough that at home he tried to milk the dog!

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Joy, of course day 18 is a fab outfit! You have found one of your happiness factors! Pretty underwear! I have a friend who only wears colorful matching bras and panties, because they make her so happy. Go Team Underwear!

That red looks fantastic with your hair, and I love that you’ve picked up the blue in the plaid with your handbag!

I have found one of my deep winter happiness factors...bright undie sets.
Yesterday was red, today is orange! I bought them for summer clothes in case bra straps show but am happy to wear them for color, though hidden, in winter. Besides, the bright colors do not show through the heavier fabrics.

The animal print scarf is AMAZING with your hair, Joy.

I LOVE that asymmetrical colour-blocked sweater on you. The bold graphic look really suits you.

Thank you, Mainelady, Sarah and Angie, for your helpful comments.
Day 19: The plan is Babysitting, Dogwalking, washing clothes, ironing, straightening up the house. I am adding another piece to my 30 just because I wanted to wear it now. Black merino wool EF assymetrical sweater. Today I am wearing it with dark burgundy jeans, burgundy stone necklace, burgundy and metallic socks, my olive coat, dark grey ankle boots. I need to make some finds later. Photos of outfit. I will still try for one with the olive coat. Sorry they are so dark. It is hard to see the black cardigan. I tried s close up of the bottom in 4.

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Joy, it seems I have missed your day 18 outfit, I am sorry. It was a bit crazy at work these past few days. The outfit is fab as your outfits always are! Lovely bag! Fun with pretty underwear.

Your day 19 outfit is also wonderful. Asymmetrical black sweater sounds great - look forward to see it. Lovely combination of the necklace, jeans and belt - perfect with a black sweater. The necklace is really, really chic.

For a 30 x 30, you have shown an amazing variety of style, silhouette, and color. I bow down in awe.

I'm glad the grey sweater worked out for you.

Those different shades of burgundy together are just divine!

I love the idea of an olive coat with this. I’d love to see a pic with coat on if you get a chance.

I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets happiness out of wearing pretty underthings. I actually try to match them to my outfits, even when there is no chance that they will show.

Photos of today's outfit have been added to my post for today. I will try to get better lit ones and included a close up of the sweater bottom in 4.
Katerina, the necklace was made by my talented niece. She has moved on to intricate beaded items.
Sterling, I learned from the last 30x30 challenge that I needed variety, and adding items as I go has helped. I found that I am really depending on the floral top and plaid shirt for some relief from plain pieces. My original thought was to go all dark neutral with lots of texture like including my furry vest. Is does not look like that will happen, as I don't think there will be room for it.
Sarah, I will try to get a picture of the coat with this outfit.
Tanstaafi, I added a photo find of the orange under things for you. What fun to try to match them to your outfits!

Wow, that sweater is gorgeous, I would really love to have one just like that. The outfit is beautiful, you look fantastic.
Your niece is very talented. Do you have other pieces she has made?

Katerina, I have one other piece that my niece made and hope for one of her beaded creations. She makes things mostly for herself. I am happy that you like the sweater. I love these assymetrical hems and hope they stay in style and do not look dated.

Day 18--What a stylish and fun grandma you are! (even your underwear).
I'm very impressed with the variety of outfits and silhouettes you have created with 30 pieces.

Also, thanks for the smile when picturing your grandson attempting to milk the dog!

Day 20: Saturday casual. Dark olive jeans ( look black in photo), light olive EF merino wool sweater. I am wearing aqua loafers to decide if they are keepers or not. That will be a separate K/R post. Please over look the unruly hair which was washed but not styled.
I am liking the olive sweater more than I thought I would and I want to add some yellow (besides the yellow underwear I am wearing today). I feel comfortable but feel that this outfit needs something. Suggestions?

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I like the light olive and dark olive combination very much! Yellow sounds like a great idea. Maybe a long pendant necklace with a yellow stone? The cross seems a bit small but would be great as part of a layered necklace look. I think that solid tunic sweaters often need a necklace with some oomph. Or a scarf?

Thank you, those are excellent ideas, Sarah.

I love everything. I agree that the olive top needs a longer necklace. You have excellent style and I can’t wait to copy some of these.

The olive jeans and sweater look excellent together and they fit you perfectly. Having seen your other outfits and your style, I agree that I something might be “missing”. Some yellow accent would be perfect - maybe a scarf or a necklace? A long or chunky necklace might also be nice to this outfit. I think that red would look very good with olive colours too - perhaps a brighter tone of red?