This is day 16 of my shopping/purchasing fast. Following are a couple of background posts for easy reference if you are interested.

I am not purchasing right now!! I have been busy practicing self care, including pedicures/manicures and facials. I have devoted more time to exercising. So less online shopping results in more productive, personal time.

Now that Christmas is past I have no reason to go to the mall, but I still found time to scan the sales section of my favorite online retailers.

Sales are my achilles heel. So my primary goal for this shopping/purchasing fast is to reset my sales shopping behaviors. I put several things in my cart but within 30 minutes I went back and deleted them out of my cart. I thought even keeping them in my cart was risky behavior for me. I could easily, easily rationalize buying them. "They are on sale!!" "I should take advantage of this sale!!"

I didn't think I could have passed up a sales item this easily. I remembered that I owned these pieces already. What I was going to buy were duplicates. Duplicates I didn't need for my climate and life style. Removing them from my cart was helpful too. Out of sight. Out of mind.

Was I succesful in not shopping altogether? No. But I think I cut my online shopping down by more than half.