First thread of this set:

Adverse weather has me house bound. I thought for sure this would be a recipe for disaster ... if only from sheer boredom. A couple of things saved me from buying anything.

One, I have the attention span of a gnat. I can't focus on any one thing for more than five minutes before I moved on to something else for another five minutes. Two, nothing interests me ... AT ALL. Everything I scan on the internet seems to be left-over dreck from the Holidays. Stores are trying to unload the stuff that didn't sell. And in my humble opinion there are reasons why it never sold in the first place so I am not about to buy it just because I am bored out of my mind.

I shopped out of boredom. I put stuff in my carts. I emptied my carts.

I discovered how important clothing are to my psyche. It seems I dress for the days events. If I get dressed in sports gear, I will go to the gym. If I get dressed for the office (even if working at home), I will have a productive work day. If I dress for errands and cooking, I will get that stuff done. If I stay in my pajamas for two straight days, I do nothing beyond eat.

This is important information that I fully intend to use in the future. I may have inadvertently sabotaged myself by purposely deciding to "not to bother getting dressed" on Saturday and Sunday. OR I could look at it as a forced rest break. December was really busy. I might have needed a full weekend of doing nothing to recoup from the Holidays.