In my closet this week I went with dresses and toppers
1. I learned I like/love this combo
2. Wore a couple dresses that I had not work in a while
3. My closet is a mess
4. I am completely drawn to Deborah's wardrobe and style of black and white
5. I do feel great in my work clothes 90% of the time
6. Firecracker inspires me with how she plays with clothes and her eclectic style
7. I need to come up with a plan for figuring out my work capsule - hopefully my experience with a casual capsule and culling that part of my closet drawers and creating a wardrobe will inspire me.
8. I am going to add in a couple tops this week - So I will have dresses, toppers, skirts and tops - All primarily summer/early fall wear.

What I learned about my style and shopping

1. When I shop I just buy things with no thought about how they will all work together.
2. I have spent way to much on clothing and don't have a wardrobe
3. I know the silhouette that works on me yet continue to fight it
4. I need to figure out my style and stick with it so I don't spend so much money randomly - just because something is pretty
5. I deleted all the style blogs (except for 2) from my feedly and you look fab is it.
6. I hate button downs - they don't look the best on this pear body and I need to stop spending money - Thank you to whoever asked the question about shirt preferences when

This project is so overwhelming I have decided to start with a casual closet capsule
1. I learned from Alana in Canada's longer post about fall/Winter capsule
2. inspired by angie's post on capsules - Thinking in terms of capsules makes sense to me.
3. Trying my hand a a casual capsule wardrobe that will take me from late fall to - why causal because when I go to work even if it isn't a super cohesive wardrobe - I feel good in my clothes. On the weekends and during casual summer hours I struggle and often don't feel great about myself when I go out.
4. I completely messed up on my color scheme until some people pointed out to me - I was taken by the EF blue and red tops but really they don't fit with the colors I have - I figured out my colors based on some simple questions and I shirt that I have are Teal, navy blue, grey, green, orange and black and gray as base colors.
5. My capsule is going to take me from late summer to Decemberish when it gets crazy cold - then I can figure out what to add or delete
6. i have created a spreadsheet for this casual capsule and I am editing out tons of clothes from my drawers that don't get worn and won't get worn.
7. The pieces I ordered from the NAS - except for the leather jacket and red winter jacket (It is MN you can never have enough winter jackets in all lengths, colors and weights) are 100% different then what I thought I would order before finding this site.