Late to this but I love your choices here. The dress is stunning on you as us the yellow skirt.

All the best for the night- I know it is a tricky one.

#1 is perfect. I’d try your darker hose. It looks fun and fresh and appropriate for the occasion.

I ADORE #7 for a slightly more casual occasion. That’s a fantastic outfit.

Sal, thanks for reminding us what a tricky night this will be.
Gigi, I hope you are able to focus on your brother and your joy for him. Your outfit is perfect, no need to be distracted by it.

I like look 1, in my opinion he is the most successful one

I would lpreffer nr 2 (but with black sheers) for a dressy event-nr 1 is also great but my be a bit too warm with the OTKboots?

Lyn, I'm not sure what the weather will be. It will most likely be pretty chilly, so I think I'll be OK with the OTK boots. I tend to run cold anyway! I'll check the weather forecast before driving down.

Thank you, all, for the emotional support! Yes, this is the "tricky" event. I've combined it with a side trip to see an old friend who lives in the area (one of my old professors from university). I'm very much looking forward to seeing my friend again! I'm hoping that will get me through this.

Agree with your picks!
And you just look super cute in all of it.