Hi Fabbers!

It's been a long time since I've posted so I feel a little silly just diving back in but I need a little help! I've been following the forum occasionally but the last year has been a little crazy. My wardrobe feels a little repetitive sometimes but I like most of the individual pieces and overall it has been serving me well.

My younger brother is getting married in early February in Portland, Oregon. My husband and I are heading up before the wedding for a day or two of sightseeing and then spending a few days after at his fiancé's lake house to visit with the newlyweds.

I could use a little advice about Portland/weather/packing. I know winters are milder there, but what can I expect? Will it likely rain? Humid? Do I need my puffer or will a regular coat suffice? Last time I was in Portland it skewed casual, but is that still the case?

And that's not to mention the dress code for the wedding, which is listed as "elegant casual." My brother is not very helpful in interpreting that. It's a lunch ceremony and reception but also will have a family dinner later in the evening. Generally I feel like lunch weddings are more casual, correct?

So, any advice or suggestions you have would be appreciated! I'm hoping to check in more this year but thank you in advance!