My brother is getting married at the end of this month in Iowa. I have a dress that I could wear if the weather is mild, but I am not confident that I have something nice enough to wear if the weather is cold. I have some nice midi wool skirts, but they are gray, and gray just doesn't seem appropriate for a wedding!

I ordered some items and would like your input. I'm wondering about the appropriateness of some of these items, whether they skew too casual. My family is not a dress-to-the-nines group, but I am also the sister of the groom, so I feel that I need to be more dressy than if it were, say, a cousin.

Here is what I have ordered:

1. Sweater skirt from Anthro. Too casual? Would wearing a plain turtleneck with this be too boring?

2. Yellow velvet midi skirt from Anthro. Again, not sure I have anything other than a plain turtleneck to go with this.

3. Turquoise leopard burnout dress from Macy's.

4. Sleeveless navy/multi dress from Anthro. I will wear this if the weather is mild, but I need a topper, at least for church.

5. "Leather" jacket, to be used as a possible topper if needed. Is a leather jacket too casual of a topper for a wedding?

My options are somewhat limited because I am of very small stature and have to wear petite sizes, usually 00P or 0P. Occasionally I can wear a misses' XXS on top, but if the shoulders are too wide, I'm a goner. Frump city.

Thanks for the help!