I am looking for a dress for a wedding and having trouble finding anything. I have a dress that I lucked out finding, believe it or not, on Amazon 2 yrs ago for a not so formal wedding. It's nice, but not fancy/formal. It's a short sleeve round neck floral(not loud or ugly/cheap looking like most) maxi dress and the length is perfect. I'm 5'4", so most long ankle length or longer I see online are way too long and others are not long enough. The dress I have is 54 1/2 inches in length(hollow to hem) which just makes it floor length without touching the floor when I wear heels.

The first wedding I wore it to was my husband's neice's wedding which was at a barn venue and not really formal, so the dress was perfect. I wore it again for my neice's wedding which was supposedly semi-formal attire, but it was actually very formal(not black tie, but formal) and I felt like I wasn't dressed right.

The wedding I am going to this summer is at Notre Dame and even though it's semi-formal attire, I want to be dressed right. I have looked everywhere online and 99% of what I see is from a very cheap china site, the dresses look cheap, are very thin and see through, wrinkle easly, really ugly or just not right. I have looked up some stores around me and nothing! So far, Shein and Amazon are the only sites I've found anything even possible to wear. And even those dresses are very questionable(thin, wrinkle easily, not dressy enough...).

If need be, I will wear another maxi dress, if I can't find something more formal(that's how desperate I am!). I am looking for something with a round, crew or scoop neck, short sleeves that aren't too short or tight(I have wide shoulders and bigger arms), is not tight fitting(waist with loose flowy? skirt), is 54" or 54 1/2" in length(which I have actually found, but the dresses were ugly) and not loud or cheap looking. Also, a lot of them wrinkle and are too thin and see through.

I am desperate to find something. I've even looked at more expenseve stores, and found nothing! I am willing to spend near $200-$250 give or take if I find the perfect dress. Also, I am willing to pay for express shipping to get it in the next week or 2.

I've been to most stores in person and found nothing!
I am hoping I could get some advice on where to look online Thanks!