In an attempt to make "piece" with what you can't change (in my case, winter at below 20 for weeks on end), I am trying to wear more sweaters. In the past, I have always favored cardigans but I think the non-button, over the head solution has its appeal too, and I would like to integrate it more to my wardrobe.

I just realized that it's not that I don't like wearing sweaters: it's that I seem to accumulate a substantial amount of sweaters I never wear. How come I always reach for the same ones, and never for others? The unwandted ones remain there bulking up my drawer, progressively pushed to the back. Most are beautiful. On me, I don't know why the relationship is so difficult.

Any idea why? Are you like me?

EDIT: Pics 1 to 10 are swaeters that don't work (for some reason).

1-2: Anthracite blue sweater from the French company Kookai.

3 : Best color for me But... I literally never wear it. Why?

4 - 5: Got me lots of compliments. I have to mention the texture, somewhat fluffy, and very, very soft. DH loves it. So... why?

6: What is wrong with this one?

7: When this Talbots cotton turtleneck was new (2012), it looked like a thousand bucks. What happened?

8-9-10: I thought this as cute but somehow it's not working on me... or should I accept that this is how it's supposed to look?

Pics 11-20: Sweaters that do work:

11-12: black, flattering, versatile.

13: This is just yes.

14: Surprisingly this Rodier number from 1988 has resisted times and numerous purges. Now that waists are rising again, it's coming out more often.

15: I like the fact that the back is lower, that it's not too bulky and that the neck is V-line.

16-17: Pure bulky joy. If you're going large, go large all the way I say.

18: Thank you Nordstrom! Yes, I found myself doing the distressed sweter thing. This one is so soft too.

19-20: Another Kookai pice, this one I just love. Everything about it I find flattering. It totally translates the idea of wrapping yourself in wool, which is exactly what you want to do when it's Martian cold outside.

ALSO: I gained weight this year, which was not necessarily a bad thing for me. But maybe it affects how the sweater drape on my body.

I am sorry for the tired face and the mess around me! Winter blues.

Thank you so much for your ideas and suggestions!

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