I find that there is something quite soothing in dressing in a column of colour. These are two outfits I have enjoyed wearing recently.

I was looking for white jeans, but ended up with cream instead and have liked wearing this soft neutral. This is a relaxed, stay at home outfit, it does not get more basic than a windcheater (Australian for sweatshirt), jeans and boots for winter. The colour and batwing style really drew me to this sweater.

It was DH’s birthday and we went to his favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner. I wore a black knit dress with boots. The dress has a silver metallic thread in the knit and boots have silver studs, so there is a bit of a sheen to the dress. Dinner was delicious. We both had oysters followed by a tempura main. DS stayed with his favourite, teriyaki chicken.

I am looking a bit windswept, but only took the photo at the end of the evening and it was stormy weather.

Whilst I love wearing colour, neutrals will always have an important place in my wardrobe.

ETA: I just saw Angie's Blog for Today - looks like I am definitely on Team Benched!