I echo Suz.

Blouse looks great, but if it’s a mission to wear - it’s not worth it. Love the boots and the rose gold watch.

That's what I like about you: you always wear a piece with an edginess to it, and I'm talking about those boots. Love them.

I've given up on watches these days and rely on my apple watch, although doesn't Apple have a rose color watch?

Thanks, all!

Jamie helped seal the deal on the boots — he came home and saw them and immediately proclaimed them totally cool. Comfort was there, and they’re the right vibe I was looking for, so I wore them out for a movie and dinner. Perfect for a rainy day too. I predict a workhorse!

I like how this shirt looks on, and it’s not bad fuss-factor wise if I wear a tank under it like I did yesterday, but I have too many things that I keep and wear maybe once a year. I’m reserving judgment for the moment but this will probably go into the holding zone.

Still debating the stone/grey and rose gold watch. I was actually tempted to wear it with that outfit yesterday. It’s a nice change of pace from my black and silver watch.

Well I do like the boots on you. The Fryes were my least faves when you posted your 4 options but that was my own preferences for "refined" speaking and they look great with your jeans!
Great that they're also comfy and practical and have hubs' seal of approval.
The shirt looks great, I'm with you about fussiness and having too many barely worn items also though when one has a large wardrobe. Holding zone sounds good.
Love the earrings and the first watch, not the grey one so much.

I am with Bijou, the shirt is so fab to keep, even if it has to be worn with a cami (but I say so because I wear a cami most days AND I really love stripes). Both watches are different enough to keep both, and the boots are fantastic.

I am always attracted to blouses like that - it has a retro vibe that I really like. Holding zone seems like the right place for it now, see if you miss it. Boots and earrings are perfect. I like the older watch I think.

The boots look like keepers!

I have the same problem with buttoned shirts (I suspect many of us do) but I've gotten sort of blasé about having an extra button undone. Then sometimes I realize at work that I'm revealing a little too much. There's one shirt I really should get rid of - I keep forgetting how much it gapes until I'm already at work, but it's cut in a way that doesn't really work with an extra button undone.

I love the boots! I love all of it, but those boots <3

If you're having to make yourself wear the blouse, then its probably for the best to holding zone it and see whether or not you miss it.

And even though both watches are rose gold, they are different and could serve as complements to different styles of outfits.