I'm stealing your jumper with my attack dog Sam.

I love this look -- those booties are so perfect with the all-cream outfit. They have a softness to them that works better than any stronger color would. Grey or gray (I never know which to use anyway!) I love them. (And PS, of course I went straight to the CM site looking for that sweater! There is still a M for any Canadians out there, but none for the US ladies, sadly.)

Problem solved...gorgeous!

LOVE this Suz - and I have those BR cream jeans so I'm totally copying this when it gets cool enough.

I love this! How do you feel about all white? I'm not up for it yet, and I'm not sure why...Anyway, I love your boots and I can see a colourful bag working well with them. The Frye site recently featured some shoes that were roughly the same grey as yours, and they paired them with a bright yellow bag...looked awesome.

I really like this. And I don't think it is something I would have put together. Thanks for posting pictures.

Like this look and appreciate the review of that sweater (which I had to stop myself from describing as "yummy"- oops). Gorgeous and way to make the gray booties work. I find the taupe grays most challenging in my generally blue-gray wardrobe.

Well done.

What a lovely look, this will be wonderful when it cools down.

Yes I think the grey boots are perfect, a little more unexpected than taupe or cognac, which would work as well.

I also think blue jeans and the same sweater and boots will work brilliantly for a slightly less luxe look!

Hey snow princess - it's not that cold there already is it? (I should read the text more carefully huh?). You look gorgeous anyway!

Love this combo, and like you, I am still in open toe/warm weather clothes and I'm so tired of it. Can't wait to wear my sweaters, and boots...of course by December, I'll be itching to get back into Spring clothes LOL.

Those grey boots are a great addition to the cream top and bottom. I also like grey with red, denim etc. Black can be too dark to my eye, unless there are other blacks in the outfit.