I went in for an eye exam because I'm having more trouble with reading up close. My prescription has changed (R eye has improved) and it's been 4 years since I got new glasses, so it's time for new ones. She said I could try progressives if I wanted to, but it was only going to be +0.75 additional so she said it probably wouldn't be worth it. Do any of you wear progressive lenses? I didn't order them but am wondering if I should have.

Here are the top picks of the pairs I tried on. I wish I could have asked you all before I ordered, but I was in a bit of a rush--the baby was hungry and we had to get back home to let the nanny off, so I went ahead and just picked my two favorites, one red and one brown (I like having color options to match my outfits). What do you think of these (1 & 2) vs. the runner-ups (3 & 4)? It will take two weeks, so if you really think I made a mistake I can try to cancel my order right away. Sorry for the bad pics with the funny facial expressions and lens glare. I feel like these glasses looked better in the mirror than they do in these pics. I also bought a pair of prescription sunglasses (5). I really liked them so I didn't pick a runner up.

Thanks for your advice!

The ones I picked/ordered:
1. Prada red plastic frame--it was between this and #3, but I (and the sales clerk) preferred the chunkier frame (she said it looked more modern). I also like the cat eye-ish shape.
2. Guess brown plastic frame--DH wasn't a fan of the red and green stripes at the side--he said it was a Gucci logo/symbol. It didn't bother me though and I liked the shape and tortoiseshell color.
The runner-ups:
3. Nine West reddish metallic--DH picked these and they were his favorite. I like them too and it was hard to decide between 1 & 3. This one has nose pads and a thinner frame than the others. I guess this one is a more classic look whereas 1 is a little more geeky/funky. Which one do you think looks better on me?
4. Ray-Ban violet plastic frames--the inside of these glasses are lavender, which is not my color, but the outside looks black or dark violet.

Also got a pair of sunglasses.
5. LaCoste sunglasses. I liked these a lot.
6. Bonus baby pic at the optometrist!

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