I need some outside opinions, as there's so much information swimming in my head that I cannot think straight. Dh took me to try on watches yesterday, and I was really shocked about what I liked. You can go to the last paragraph for the TL;DR version.

I went in POSITIVE that I wanted a two-tone yellow gold and stainless watch, as I commonly wear yellow gold. I had also only researched women's styles because I thought about 34 mm was the largest I would go. I also intended to get a mother-of-pearl face or otherwise white/silver dial with a prominent, likely rotating, bezel. I was also leaning heavily toward diamond markers and possibly a diamond bezel.

But... I didn't like the Aquaracers on my wrist in women's, and the men's - especially the two tones - were just garish. The yellow was SO prominent, and it just didn't translate the way I wanted it to on my wrist, while the thicker bezel made the watch look especially masculine. The women's Carreras were tiny - at least the ones that have automatic movements, and an automatic movement is non-negotiable. Dh and I agreed early in the try-on process that a men's watch was probably the way to go, as all the women's watches didn't have the presence I wanted.

I tried this one on at Dh's suggestion, and his first comment was, "That's the one." I looked at it and loved it - it was just "blingy" enough with the contrasting black face and silver case and accents without being blingy at all. The narrow bezel worked much better for me than the more prominent bezels I thought I liked, and the white faces just weren't doing anything for me, although I'll admit they didn't look bad in pictures; they just didn't stand out in any way. And, as much as I hesitate to admit this, I have been gravitating toward white metals more and more. Most of the accents on my shoes and bags and coats are white, and I've purchased a number of paste pieces in white metal to coordinate with outfits.

Anyway, so after all this agonizing, my question is - Does this watch look okay on my wrist (once the bracelet is sized appropriately)? Would you see a woman wearing this watch and think she was playing dress-up with her dad's watch? Is it ridiculous and I just can't see it? Please help. I am not going to list the mm size right now, as it is larger than anticipated. Indeed, please tell me what mm size you think the case might be or what it looks like if you feel so inclined.
#1: Watch I am considering full body shot
#2: Closer picture of the watch I am considering
#3 & #4: The two-tone watch and the white face for the sake of comparison

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