When you consider the development of your wardrobe, can you identify milestones or agents of change? I don’t think of my clothes as being ‘x years old’ so much as:

-pre or post YLF (early 2013)
-pre or post big relocation (summer 2014)
-pre or post retirement (spring 2018)

Pre YLF I experienced a renewed interest in fashion as I emerged from the fog of 30’s and 40’s child rearing and career developing. WNTW jump started things with the idea of MOTG and comfortable didn’t have to be pj’s and gym pants.

YLF introduced me to all kinds of new-to-me style conventions in an understandable and applicable way. I embarked with enthusiasm on a journey of personal exploration.

A relocation a few years later introduced the challenge of dressing for a different climate, new community, and different work environment. I was thrown for a loop, feeling like a country mouse in the big city, and with a more temperate climate to adapt to.

Retirement from the world of paid work required a redefinition of my ‘brand’ and a wardrobe that aligned with the activities of my new lifestyle. It also freed me from any sense that I needed to conform - to anything, for anyone!

Though I did experience a weight loss of 15 lbs in the years between the relocation and retirement, it did not have the same impact on my style or wardrobe management as the milestones listed.

Have you experienced any milestones in your fashion journey? Can you identify the impact they had on your sense of style, fashion, and your closet?