Well, you are in my world now. And I wish I could help, but I end up just not wearing things that can't work without sneakers. Sorry. I try to look okay from the ankles up, and too bad about my shoes.

You're so right, Peri. I can't wear lace up shoes for very long because the tops of my feet start hurting. I do have to ignore my shoes sometimes, but there are fashionable shoes that work well for toe pain.

I don't have suggestions but I do have sympathy. I have a girlfriend who wears sneakers everywhere because of foot pain and she still looks fab because she has style. You will too.

Not sure if it would work for you, but you could also look for wide width shoes. They always have more room through the toe box, and often a thick sock or heel saver can take up some of the room in back if you have narrow heels. Or buy lace ups that you can tighten enough to stay on your feet.

Sorry to hear about your foot problems though! It's so hard to have fun with fashion when your shoe options are medically limited.

I have foot/toe pain too. It sucks, and takes highly selective shopping to get happy feet. Try Naot as I've found a few of the style families have roomy toe boxes. A small platform makes my feet happier with less flexing of the forefoot and toes.

Alexander Technique has a walking and backward-walking exercise to practice so that your body stays in balance and doesn't assume a distorted gait from foot pain.

Rachy - I'm sorry to hear this. You have my sympathy!

More good tips. Will look at wide widths. I did some Alexander technique years ago... I only remember the bent knee thing...

Angie - the Arcopedia look cool...

Aida - That's intriguing, stretching up...Have to think about how to move shoe style up (!!)

Thanks, Anne, Brooklyn.

Peri, BC - It may all be sporty luxe from here on out...eep! Lol

You really didn't need to deal with this, Rachylou; huge bummer! I guess the good news is that with the large selection of shoes for fussy feet available these days, you should be able to find some options that feel and look great. Keep us posted.

Sorry Rachy...but perhaps see it as a reason for new shoes, never an entirely bad thing? So many great suggestions on this thread - I think you need to think of an outfit that you no longer have shoes for and imagine it with everything here that suits your foot.

people have given great advice...so nothing to add but sympathy. I hope you get it sorted soon. I once had warts on the bottom of my feet and had to wear sneakers around until they were sorted. I also wore a pair of really soft hiking shoes (I think they were a size too big but wore thick socks).

So sorry Rachy. Lots of good options here. You have such great style. I am sure you can make something work. Docs and Crocs look very cool to me. My feet have bothered me for years. I once changed into Crocs at a wedding because I was in so much pain. Such a great look.

Can't help with suggestions, but I do hope your toe is better soon, and you're back in balance again.

Sorry for these issues, RL. The foot stuff is bad enough without your other concerns. Have you looked at the woven fabric shoes that are available now? They are extremely lightweight and have some stretch that could reduce pressure. I stumbled upon a pair of mary jane style Steve by Steve Madden at the Rack and I wear them around the house all the time. They are cushy, but not walk all day shoes for me and an insert could likely fit due to the forgiving nature of the fabric. I've enclosed some links; they also come in slip on styles. Might work for when you just need something to put on your feet.



All the best.

I am sorry
I was having some trouble with my big toe a while back and I found this blog




Both give reviews and say what is good for various foot problems.

I can echo Angie's recommendation of the Arcopedicos. I have had a black Mary Jane style for years. They have some support, the manmade fabric on the upoer is very soft and you can throw them in the washing machine. They wear like iron, mine are only now starting to look a bit scuffed in the toe area and the have had lots of wear. Great for travel, can wear with pants or skirts/dresses.

Dee is right about trying wide width shoes. I wear a D width due to bunions and a painful big toe. Rocker bottoms keep my toes from bending, which helps when walking.

Sorry Rachy - I empathize since I have a morton's neuroma so I can kiss almost all my boot/bootie collection goodbye. Dansko lucille soft sole roomy toe box like walking on pillowshttp://www.zappos.com/dansko-lucille, Ariat comes in widths and has a roomy toe box and fab arch and metatarsal supporthttp://www.zappos.com/ariat-he.....ck-deertan, Ariat challenge contour square toe best riding boot ever in sizes, heights, widths for a custom fit same ats dreamy insole http://www.ariat.com/CHALLENGE.....LACK_CALF#, gentle souls bay unique for your inner ballerina i don't like flats but these are fab very wide toe boxhttp://www.zappos.com/gentle-souls-bay-unique, keen hiking boots all keen liberty ridge mine are discontinued swapped out for plain black laces great support and wide toe box, surprisingly cool with outfits go figurehttp://www.amazon.com/KEEN-Wom.....B00SZRFRXK Good luck I hope you find something that works!!

Rachylou tu dois faire attention à toi
Amitié Bernard

Sounds terrible. So Sorry. Just adding that I've had some good luck with cute miz moos spectator oxfords that have very high square toe boxes. Couldn't find the ones I mean online, but #1 is an example of the shape. Useful to get them a half-size too big, though I did scrape up the toes a lot. Also, I am thinking that some fleuvogs have exaggerated high toe boxes. (e.g., #2). Hope the problem heals up soon.

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Oh damn! Sorry to hear this Rachy

But maybe you're onto something....sporty luxe! I mean - why the hell not? Sneakers baby!

I was going to say Birkenstock Bostons too. I've always wanted a pair! You could get shearling lined because you're always cold. I recommend the soft footbed ones--I only get soft footbed birks now.

Hi Rachy -- sorry about the pain, sounds frustrating.

Just wanted to say you might want to try getting a current pair or two stretched up AND across. Usually it's 24 hours per zone on the stretching machine but your shop's MMV.

Another idea, very low-tech, is to get to a dance supply store and buy a box of lambswool. I think drugstores sometimes sell these too. Then I'd probably wrap across all your toes vs just the big one to get the protection underneath/side/top. Ooh -- look, you don't have to do all that as some smart entrepreneur invented "pillows for pointe" http://www.discountdance.com/s.....fr=PILLOWS

Actually, do you need a consult with a podiatrist? Would it be better to be in rigid soles or super-cushioned ones?

So sorry to hear this! Hope you feel better soon. How is it that when one thing goes wrong, all the other things in our bodies want to give as well?

When I hurt my left big toe, I used wedged Hush Puppies Maryjanes to walk around for two weeks while it was at its worse and they did the trick (after that I still had to use special shoes, but I had more choice). "Wedge" doesn't mean slanted, just a bit elevated, with lots of cushioning but also lots of room in the tow box.

I've had good luck with Keens and some (but not all) Clarks for wide and high toe boxes (in wide widths). I hope that your toe feels better soon.