These posts evaluating wardrobe numbers have been really interesting. I didn't think I was going to take the time to count, but then I got really curious. I categorize my wardrobe as work, casual, and accessories. I don't count underwear or bras. Although I bought all new bras in 2016 so I actually do know that number as well.

I live in a two season climate with short transition periods. I run very, very hot. I am always warmer than everyone else around me.

WORK (work four days in the office/telework one day)
7 Button downs
1 Short sleeve silk
5 Sweaters
7 Slacks
5 Skirts
2 Tank tops
5 Sleeveless tops
10 Toppers (rarely worn in the Summer)
TOTAL = 42

CASUAL (wear every evening/weekends)
7 Athletic bottoms (leggings)
6 Athletic tops
9 Casual slacks
10 Casual tops
10 Lounging bottoms (sleep wear)
6 Lounging tops (sleep wear)
4 Lounging toppers
3 Robes
6 Long sleeve tee shirts
7 Short sleeve tee shirts
TOTAL = 67

11 Winter shoes/boots
7 Summer shoes/sandals
5 All season shoes
5 Bracelets
1 Broach
12 Earrings
12 Necklaces
18 Bags
4 Belts
3 Scarfs
TOTAL = 78